Combustion technology |

Energy technology

Our strength is in heating products of all types. We control standard boilers (like the ones needed in schools and gardenings) to complex combustion processes with failsafe controls and electronic compound control. 

Control is our speciality, from single or dual-flame fire tube boilers and water tube boilers to waste incinerator plants with auxiliary or load burners (fossil and renewable fuels).
We program three-component controllers in our PLC. The electronic compound control of the individual are implemented using our TÜV-approved software solution inside the failsafe PLC. We visualise the entire combustion plant via the latest generation of multipanels in order to link then via the bus system to higher level controls such as the boiler sequence.
It goes without saying that we can offer and implement the higher level control of an entire boiler house.

Gas combustion

Gas combustion is primarily employed in the heating plants or auxiliary boilers of power plants. The electronic compound has virtually become the standard today. We control it either using conventional hardware controllers or via a bus connection between the boiler control cabinet and the electronic compound.
We execute boiler safety, whether conventional, via bus or in a failsafe PLC, according to the type of plant in accordance with the industrial safety regulation. Whether a steam heater, hot water boiler or a thermal oil heater, we are familiar with every type and can control any large combustion plant.

Oil combustion

Oil-fired plants are built either as light or heavy oil-fired systems. The boiler control is executed similar to a gas-fired plant. We have original servo motors for electronic compound control in our test bay and can test a complete boiler control system from A to Z. Via our test bay, we simulate every limiter, every valve, every analogue value and the complete, combustion-related process. In this way we can guarantee that we deliver a functioning product, shortening commissioning times.

Combined combustion

Combined combustion is frequently used in places where there are contracts with gas suppliers. When there are specific gas consumption peaks or gas shortages, a switch to oil as the fuel is made. Depending on the plant constellation, this is where we can use a remote signal to switch to the other fuel by an on-the-fly fuel switchover via pilot light. This is required when sensitive production with a narrow tolerance range of steam pressure fluctuations or high availability of the plant is present.
Be on the safe side with our controls.