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Food technology 

Special attention must be paid to the materials being used. We build complete control systems made of stainless steel control cabinets. Due to state-of-the-art CNC technology, any customer request can be accommodated in our mechanical production shop.
This enables us to offer custom solutions. 

Brewery technology

Water and beer are our metier. We build control cabinets for many process plants – for Bright Beer cellar (BBT) and wort aeration. Our peripheral cabinets are integrated throughout the brewery and contain the automation device or the MCC with frequency converter. We use pilot valve terminals or bus systems to control process valves. The CPS control cabinet system we developed allows us to offer a high quality product at a reasonable price.

Dairy technology

Our control systems are indispensible in dairy technology. Whether it’s milk being processed into butter, yoghurt, whey or cheese, our stainless steel control cabinets guarantee the consistent quality of the final product. 
SUATEC’s MCC systems control a variety of different variable speed motors. In combination with valve terminals, our little peripheral cabinets with local periphery receive all of the process signals and transmit them via state-of-the-art bus systems such as Profibus, Ethernet, Profinet or optical transmission systems to each of the control systems with automation devices and control unit.
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