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Industrial Automation

In virtually every area of technical manufacturing the emphasis has been put on automation. This is where you can benefit from our expertise in executing cross-sector tasks. Functions range from transport systems, positioning tasks using servo motors to high-precision measuring tasks, visualisation and data archiving. 

Pump control

Water is our most important natural resource. That’s why for us wastewater treatment plays such a major role. We are contribute towards making dirty water clean again! Our pump controls have a wide variety of uses, from decanters on ships for separating oil and fuel from water to sludge dewatering in waste water treatment plants with the integration of modern automation technology into existing control systems.

Transport systems

Transporting piece goods from A to B is one of our special areas, including a variety of intermediate stations or positioning using servo drives, e.g. for the assembly of different trays. We control palletisers, conveyors or communicate with third-party systems such cameras for measuring systems. This enables us to make diagnoses about good and bad parts and act in accordance with functional instructions.

Process control technology

We see ourselves as a full service provider. We don’t want to only offer the lower to mid level of an overall automation solution. We want to do it all including operation of the plant from a central location. Our range of services comprises the creation on on-screen forms, trends, controller development and fault report history logs. We combine our customers’ ideas with our proposed solutions, putting life into the system. In doing so, we employ state-of-the-art process control technology tools such as Siemens WinCC or PCS7 in addition to flexible and professional visualisation.