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Our service

Service is very important to us. We’ll accompany you, from the first contact to the commissioning of your plant. The management of your project is in good hands with us.


Our experienced service team installs plants according to your requirements on site. Our responsibilities include setting up the cabinet, electrical installation and pneumatic tubing to measurements of the installation according to relevant standards..


Following installation, we perform a loop check to ensure the proper operation of your control cabinets. In this way we can guarantee that the measurement signals can be further processed without adulteration. Commissioning also entails
- Parameterisation of the control
- Scaling analogue variables
- Setting the safety and monitoring times
We take this service to heart. Only then can satisfaction be guaranteed. For this to remain so in future, we can also take over the training of your staff.

Plant expansion

Do you want to optimise the potential of your plant? Get in touch with us for comprehensive advice. 

We’ll plan the changes and upgrades to your programmable PLC control. We’ll assemble and install new components, test their functionality and put them into operation.